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I’m currently on ‘Chapter 3of my 70th eBook ‘Pansy Lane‘ with 6 Chapters left to write.

I’m so sorry for the delay of publishing ‘Pansy Lane‘, folks.

It will be published on Amazon during the 2nd half of June.

Thank you for your patience.

20 Single eBooks are now available to buy/download on Amazon.

They are:

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  • Switching Strengths
  • Back In Her Bosom
  • Schoolboy Baby
  • The Daddy Next Door
  • Maternal Babysitters
  • Brokeback Bully
  • Troubled Tyke
  • Big Girls Do Cry
  • Kiss Chase
  • Mystery Man
  • Down Under
  • Schoolgirl Baby
  • Money Talks
  • After Hours
  • Cinderella Boy
  • Kiss It Goodbye
  • Doll For A Doll
  • Promiscuous Babes
  • Big Bad Wolf

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My 70th eBook…

70. Pansy Lane

70. Pansy Lane

eBook: £3.00

Pansy Lane: Welcome home, Princess!

About the Book

Dorian Flemming (aged 23) has fallen on hard times due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is about to become homeless due to not being able to pay the rent.

Dorian has no family and no-one to turn to. But chance came when he checked his emails. An anonymous email of opportunity arrived. It’s a rare offer for a new life with no worries of the real cruel world.

This one-time offer is for Dorian to live under the loving roof of Roy Simmons (aged 41) and his wife Sally Simmons (aged 38).

With nothing to lose, Dorian replies to the anonymous email. Hours later Dorian is deemed successful and is emailed the location to his new residence.

Upon entering the peaceful neighbourhood of Pansy Lane for the first time, Dorian quickly suspects that all is not vanilla in this special neighbourhood and he’ll soon realise that Roy and Sally want him for their own special purpose…

Coming 21st June 2021

(*Publication date is always subject to change).