Delight Series

Below are my published & currently planned ‘Delight Series’ eBooks.

Each ‘Delight Series’ eBook consists of FIVE of my previously published single AB eBooks.

Once all my Delight Series’ are completed, they will be published as One eBook and the previous 5 Single eBooks of the said Delight Series will be withdrawn from Amazon.

ALL of my completed five-all-in-one published ‘Delight Series’ eBooks are capped and priced at £7.00 (GBP).

You save £8.00 if you were buying them singly.

The current Single eBooks of my planned ‘Delight Series’ will remain capped at £3.00 (GBP) until completion.

Upon clicking on the Amazon International Link of your choice, the currency amount you’ll have to pay in your country will be automatically fixed.

Remember, if you’re a Member of Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime, you can download & read my Delight Series eBooks for FREE!

New Single eBooks for each series will be added below.

Upon publication on Amazon the new ‘Delight Series’ titled below may change.

Delight Series (Published)

The Sissy Breeders

Currently Under Development

Streets & Lanes

Future Delight Series

Baby In The Mirror


Lords, Ladies & Peasants

Magic Words

Mummy & Kit

Pigtails & Ponytails

Reality Wars