11. A Thief’s Tale

11. A Thief’s Tale
Tags: Adult Baby Boys, Babyhood, Chavs, Daddy Dom, Dark, Gay, Mental Regression, Nappies, Police
Publication Year: 31st October 2017
Length: 42 pages (Kindle)

A Thief's Tale: Don't Trust The Police!

About the Book

Jack Silver (aged 22) and Gavin McDonald (aged 23) are two petty thieves known infamously by the police for causing trouble in their community.

Their lives are going to change very quickly as the police department secretly enrols in a new and unofficial infantilism programme commissioned by the government to help tackle crimes committed by young people.

Jack and Gavin are soon going to become something more than just being best friends…they’re going to become new full-time Adult Baby Boys.

9 Chapters • Over 10,800 words.


Amazon UK – 25th August 2018 – 5 Star Review.


A good story. – A novel way to deal with petty crime – well done Miss Delight.

Amazon Australia – 25th July 2018 – 3 Star Review.


Boring. – A waste of time. It was getting good then it was kill off by them getting molested, if they where just turned into babies only, no sex.

Amazon USA – 13th June 2018 – 3 Star Review.

SheShe’s Macha

Diffidently leaves reality behind. – If you understand you’re reading a story of fiction (and sometimes SCIENCE fiction), then this is an okay story.

The writer definitely has a devious and inventive mind when it comes to setting up a storyline about ABDL.

I just couldn’t get over how victimized the poor boys were. Maybe I could have enjoyed it a little more if they didn’t lose so much, like their friggin teeth!! Oh well.