15. The Goo-Goo App

15. The Goo-Goo App
eBook: £3.00
Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Adult Baby Girl, Babyhood, Babysitter, Bisexual, College, Daddy Dom, Hypnosis, Mental Regression, Miscellaneous, Mummy
Publication Year: 19th November 2017
Length: 36 pages (Kindle)
ASIN: B077MFN781

The Goo-Goo App: Welcome To Babyhood!

About the Book

Lloyd Rivers (aged 20) is a college boffin who’s hell-bent on taking revenge on the college bully who has made his college life hell, and the beautiful college girl who rejected his advances towards her.

Lloyd has invented an infantilism mobile app titled: “The Goo-Goo App”, a specially designed app that provides powerful hypnotic trances that changes the mentality to whoever listens into that of either a dominate and caring parent, or an overgrown Adult Baby.

Lloyd is now about to reap the rewards of his own invention but damaging consequences lay ahead for this young genius…

6 Chapters • Over 8,900 words.