16. Schoolboy Baby

16. Schoolboy Baby
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Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Adult Schoolboy, Adult Schoolgirls, Babyhood, Bedwetting, Breastfeeding, FemDom, Humiliation, Infantilism, Magic, Mummy, Nappies, Non-Sexual, School, Straight, Teachers
Publication Year: 23rd November 2017
Length: 93 pages (Kindle)

Schoolboy Baby: Babyhood Is Inevitable

About the Book

Tommy Phelps (aged 18) is a schoolboy who has everything going for himself. He’s excelling at his studies, dating the sexiest girl at school, Hannah Davies (aged 18), and is the captain of his five-a-side football team. But his life and the reality as he once knew it is now about to change.

It’s Christmas time. And at this time of year an angel with magical power, answers the prayers of mothers who desire to have their grown-up children depend upon them by indulging in babyhood once again.

Tommy becomes the latest unlucky victim of the magical angel. He can’t escape his fast approaching infantile lifestyle and new reality of becoming his Mummy’s overgrown Adult Baby Boy with everyone bearing witness to his humiliating fate…

13 Chapters • Over 29,900 words.