18. The Daddy Next Door

18. The Daddy Next Door
eBook: £3.00
Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Babyhood, Chastity, Christmas, Daddy Dom, Gay, Love, Lust, Nappies, Nurturing, Twink
Publication Year: 10th December 2017
Length: 43 pages (Kindle)

The Daddy Next Door: He Wanted To Baby Me!

About the Book

Harold Cornett (aged 43) has strong desires to become a Daddy Dom to his very own Adult Baby Boy…if he could find one.

When Harold was about to abandon the infantilism fetish and scene for good chance came when twink, Corey Fowler (aged 22), became Harold’s new next door neighbour.

Upon meeting Corey for the first time, Harold knew that this young man is “The One”. Harold moves quickly to execute his devious plan by turning and keeping Corey as his Adult Baby Boy for a very long time to come…

6 Chapters & Epilogue • Over 11,300 words.


Amazon UK – 13th August 2018 – 5 Star Review.

David Lomas

Great read. – I love Jodie’s writing, it is sometimes a little strong edging on crude in a good way, but with the trigger to take you into a great headspace.

If you are looking for sweet innocent smiley age play then Jodie’s works may not be for you, but want something a little raw, then read these stories I love them.

Amazon USA – 10th June 2018 – 3 Star Review.

SheShe’s Macha

Age Regression – no force. – I had trouble figuring out some of the English terminology (London – not USA) Ha! Once I got that down, (thank you Google) it was smooth sailing with this baby kink story.

There’s no force in this story. Both players readily open themselves to the idea of a shared relationship. This story is just a fast, fun filled story of mutually kinky guys finding each other. To each their own.