21. Maternal Babysitters

21. Maternal Babysitters
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Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Adult Schoolgirls, Babyhood, Babysitters, Chastity, FemDom, Infantilism, Lust, Mummy, Nappies, Straight
Publication Year: 1st January 2018
Length: 39 pages (Kindle)
ASIN: B078RRJ883

Maternal Babysitters: Baby, We're Here To Change You!

About the Book

Audrey Selby (aged 44) has not long enforced the Adult Baby lifestyle as punishment upon her wayward son, Alfie Selby (aged 20), due to his constant bad behaviour with the local residents. Alfie’s full existence as an Adult Baby Boy is now wildly public knowledge within the community.

Three stunning schoolgirls, Alexandra Myers (aged 18), Sophie Seymour (aged 18) and Ellie Clark (aged 18), are hired by Audrey to babysit her attractive nappied son while she attends a private lunch with her best friend.

This will become a lustful babysitting job that Alfie and all three schoolgirls will never forget…

5 Chapters • Over 10,800 words.