22. Brokeback Bully

22. Brokeback Bully
eBook: £3.00
Tags: Babyhood, Blackmail, Bully, Chastity, College, Daddy Dom, Gay, Humiliation, Infantilism, Lust, Orgy, Punishment, Revenge, Sissy Baby
Publication Year: 6th January 2018
Length: 35 pages (Kindle)

Brokeback Bully: A Sissy Baby He Became

About the Book

Kurt Kettle (aged 20) is a college bully through and through; he picks on the weak and helpless for his own amusement and has recently been blackmailing a few closet gay students for his own sexual satisfaction.

Norris Jasper (aged 39), the college’s greenkeeper, notices Kurt’s despicable behaviour and decides to give this twink a taste of his own medicine with a kinky twist.

Kurt soon experiences what it’s like to be weak, helpless and dominated by a big, strong and controlling man and quickly becomes Daddy’s Sissy Baby Girl for a very long time to come…

6 Chapters • Over 8,600 words.


Amazon UK – 11th September 2018 – 5 Star Review.

John Russell Tomlinson

College boy forced to become a baby girl! – 20 year old College boy who bad deeds condemn him to becoming a sissified baby girl for his “daddy” complete with diaper and baby girl dress, panties and ankle socks. A good read for anyone into sissification and about the right length.