26. Troubled Tyke

26. Troubled Tyke
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Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Babyhood, Daddy Dom, Forced, Gay, Humiliation, Infantilism, Law, Lust, Nappies, Orgy, Punishment, Slave, Twink
Publication Year: 4th February 2018
Length: 56 pages (Kindle)
ASIN: B079L3V18Q

Troubled Tyke: Daddy Taught Me Respect!

About the Book

Dean Cartwright (aged 21) is a troubled lad who’s been sentenced for criminal damage. But instead of serving a lengthy prison sentence, Dean is instead ordered by the judge to serve one year in the new nationalised “Special Community Rehabilitation Program” for troubled young people.

Dean is sent to live with Donald Hurst (aged 38), a masculine, strict and dominating gay man, to help him alter his wayward attitude towards society and in everyday life.

To his shocking horror, Dean learns just what this “Special Community Rehabilitation Program” implies. Donald enforces babyhood upon Dean and plans to keep him as his special Adult Baby Boy beyond his original one year sentence…

8 Chapters • Over 15,000 words.