3. A Few Good Women

3. A Few Good Women
eBook: £3.00
Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Babyhood, FemDom, Girlfriend, Humiliation, Infantilism, Lust, Mummy, Nappies, Straight
Publication Year: 22nd September 2017
Length: 55 pages (Kindle)

A Few Good Women: His Place Is Back In The Nursery

About the Book

James Turner (aged 20) has a secret: he’s a closet Adult Baby Boy. One day James confesses his deep infantile desires to be treated like an Adult Baby to his beautiful girlfriend Kimberly Evans (aged 19).

Kimberly then informs her Mum & James’ Mum all about her boyfriend’s infantile desires and they quickly act upon it.

There’s nothing James can do to stop these few good women enforcing his young life into complete babyhood for a very long time to come…

9 Chapters • Over 15,700 words.


Amazon UK – 22nd August 2018 – 5 Star Review.


A good read. – A pleasant and erotic tale with a message – keep your innermost desires to yourself! Thanks Miss Delight.

Amazon USA – 7th October 2017 – 1 Star Review.

Amazonian God

Poorly written. – It needs a plot and an editor. I know we can get better from this little slice of the written word.