30. Big Girls Do Cry

30. Big Girls Do Cry
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Tags: Adult Baby Girl, Babyhood, Bisexual, Change Of Reality, Daddy Dom, FemDom, Ghost, Humiliation, Infantilism, Love, Lust, Magic, Marriage, Mummy, Nappies, School, Special Needs, Teachers, Wedding
Publication Year: 29th March 2018
Length: 49 pages (Kindle)

Big Girls Do Cry: I'm Not A Baby!

About the Book

Adele Ayers (aged 25) a beautiful, sexy, independent and intelligent young lady with the world at her feet is hours away from marrying the love of her life her gorgeous and dishy fiancé, Greg Bridges (aged 33).

After her hen party, Adele encounters Bonnie, a lost little girl in the ladies room. Bonnie is secretly the magical ghost of the hotel. After a heated argument between them, Bonnie decides to teach Adele a lesson.

Adele’s reality and adult lifestyle dramatically changes and she’ll experience first-hand that big girls do cry now that she’s an Adult Baby Girl for all to see…

9 Chapters • Over 13,400 words.