34. Abracadabra!

34. Abracadabra!
eBook: £3.00
Series: Magic Words
Tags: Adult Baby Girls, Babyhood, Bullies, Change Of Reality, College, Daddy Dom, DDLG, Humiliation, Infantilism, Love, Lust, Magic, Messing, Nappies, Poly Family, Revenge, Wetting
Publication Year: 3rd June 2018
Length: 51 pages (Kindle)

Abracadabra!: Magic Went To Her Head

About the Book

Rio Riley (aged 19) a college girl studying childcare is continuously bullied by two particular mean classmates, Megan Curry (aged 19) and Daisy Ayers (aged 19), due to her meek personality, geeky appearance and her family’s known poverty.

After a despicable act inside the locker room, along with all this emotional stress and pain, Rio prays to the high and mighty in search for hope. Then, out of nowhere, a Spirit appears. The Spirit lends Rio almighty magical powers so she can use to better her life.

Rio doesn’t waste time in using her borrowed magical powers; she excitingly takes her revenge on her two bullies along with changing reality. When the Spirit returns to retrieve the borrowed magical power, it’ll all be too late for Rio for the magic went to her head…Abracadabra!

10 Chapters • Over 13,600 words.