36. Kiss Chase

36. Kiss Chase
eBook: £3.00
Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Babyhood, Daddy Dom, Gay, Infantilism, Love, Nurturing, Online, Twink, Workplace
Publication Year: 11th June 2018
Length: 46 pages (Kindle)

Kiss Chase: Daddy Was Persistent...

About the Book

Toby Morton (aged 25) has recently settled down into his new job as the PA to his new boss, the hunky and dashing Ronnie Ellis (aged 33).

Life seems to be going well for the independent young man until Ronnie accidently discovers Toby’s secret infantile fetish at work.

Ronnie, who has taken a fancy to Toby, becomes very intrigued and obsessed with Toby’s taboo kink. Ronnie believes he can be the best Daddy that Toby craves in his life.

Ronnie decides to take matters into his own hands by coaxing Toby in becoming his new full time Adult Baby Boy. The Kiss Chase between both men has now begun…

7 Chapters • Over 10,700 words.


Amazon UK – 5th August 2018 – 5 Star Review.


Brilliant. – Another good erotic yarn from Jodie – Keep up the good work xx

Amazon UK – 4th August 2018 – 5 Star Review.


Hot. – Was well written, hot and made me cum what more do you want!