37. Mystery Man

37. Mystery Man
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Tags: Adult Baby Boys, Adult Schoolboys, Bullies, Change Of Reality, Daddy Dom, Forced, Gay, Humiliation, Incontinence, Infantilism, Love, Lust, Magic, Nappies, Orgy, Revenge, School, Slave, Teachers, Twinks, Wetting
Publication Year: 17th June 2018
Length: 44 pages (Kindle)

Mystery Man: Big Babies They Became

About the Book

Schoolboys Jesse Walker (aged 18), Henry Lowe (aged 18) and Christopher Edwards (aged 18) are known victims of bullying due to their sexual orientation and wimpy personalities.

Their two bullies; Sam Hall (aged 18) and Leo Bailey (aged 18), catch all three lads in the locker room secretly experimenting with each other, so they decide to take things further.

After the locker room incident, a Mystery Man of great power magically appears before Jesse and offers him the chance for revenge. By chance, Jesse thought about the infantilism kink as the perfect vengeance against his bullies.

The lives and reality of these naughty schoolboys will never be the same again, for what Jesse wished from the Mystery Man is a one-time offer and it cannot be reserved…

7 Chapters • Over 10,800 words.


Amazon UK – 12th September 2018 – 5 Star Review.


Brilliant. – Well done again Miss Delight. I wish “Mystery Man” had been around at my boarding school!

Amazon Australia – 22nd June 2018 – 4 Star Review.


Good. – Love this story but the jumbo letter at the start of each chapter is a pane, but good reading a bit slow to start with.