38. A Debt Owed

38. A Debt Owed
Tags: Chastity, Daddy Dom, Dildos, FemDom, Forced, Gay, Love, Lust, Murder, Prison, Revenge, Sissy Bride, Sissy Girl, Transgender, Wedding
Publication Year: 25th June 2018
Length: 52 pages (Kindle)

A Debt Owed: I Became Daddy's Sissy Bride

About the Book

Duncan Darwin (aged 38) an infamously feared multimillionaire and Kingpin Boss of the London criminal underworld, secretly suffers from Azoospermia, a rare condition whose semen cannot produce sperm.

Duncan, who has only ever truly loved one woman: the late mother of student Alex Cooper (aged 19), is now determined to turn Alex into the very daughter his mother never had.

Isaac Jefferson (aged 40), Alex’s mean and cold-hearted step-dad currently in prison, and who owes a personal debt to Duncan, gets Alex to comply with the Kingpin’s lustful desires.

Alex, a meek and wimpy lad by nature, is soon forced into becoming Duncan’s virgin transgendered Sissy Bride against his will. This will later have damaging consequences for the Kingpin Boss himself…

9 Chapters & Epilogue • Over 13,900 words.


Amazon UK – 14th July 2019 – 5 Star Review.

Mr J

Fantastic but the end. – The book in itself was a fantastic idea and the Isaac thing was although expected I was still shocked. The ending personally I would’ve liked to have stayed open so she could’ve ran things for a while maybe in a sequel. But that is my ONLY criticism of this book.

Amazon USA – 28th June 2019 – 1 Star Review.

Karen C

Horrible. – So lame and so many grammar mistakes.

Amazon UK – 19th August 2018 – 5 Star Review.


An excellent read. – Another good yarn from Miss Delight – love lost, betrayal even murder with of course plenty of erotica in the mix.