39. Charity Starts At Home

39. Charity Starts At Home
eBook: £3.00
Series: Mummy & Kit, Book 2
Tags: Adult Baby Boys, Babyhood, Babysitter, Breastfeeding, FemDom, Infantilism, Love, Lust, Mummy, Nappies, Playmates, Special Needs, Straight, Wetting
Publication Year: 4th July 2018
Length: 50 pages (Kindle)

Charity Starts At Home: My Neighbour Babied Me!

About the Book

Charity Starts At Home is the sequel to Jodie’s 53rd AB eBook, When Mummy Found Kit.

Set weeks after the events of When Mummy Found Kit, Angela Appleby (aged 40) and her lover, Kit Hanbury (aged 19), have recently moved into a quiet middle-class village as planned.

It’s assumed by the welcoming neighbourhood that Kit is her special needs’ son. But in truth he’s really Angela’s full-time Adult Baby Boy.

As an act of charity, Joanne Brice (aged 42), orders her school-leaver son, Richie Brice (aged 18), to help out with Angela’s back garden. It was then, with no-one around, that when Richie snooped around Angela’s home, he realised the truth about Angela and Kit’s infantile lifestyle.

Upon her return home, Angela quickly entices Richie into becoming Kit’s new playmate. It becomes harder for Richie to escape babyhood when he learns that the gorgeous former schoolgirl he fancies, Carly Chase (aged 18), already knows about Kit’s babyish lifestyle and is his new babysitter.

Richie’s life will never be the same again for Angela has brilliantly manipulated his Mum against him. Escaping infantilism is not an option for this new Adult Baby Boy…

8 Chapters • Over 13,200 words.


Amazon USA – 4th November 2018 – 5 Star Review.


There’s more than one liar. – Seduction, sexy scenarios, blackmail, porn. This story has it all and then some.

Amazon UK – 13th September 2018 – 5 Star Review.


A pleasant read. – Richie you really shouldn’t snoop around in a ladies knicker drawer! And Carly – Wow. Another entertaining read from Miss Delight.