43. Down Under

43. Down Under
eBook: £3.00
Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Australia, Chastity, Croc, Daddy Dom, Forced, Gay, Humiliation, Hypnosis, Infantilism, Love, Lust, Mental Regression, Messing, Nappies, Taken, Twink, Wetting
Publication Year: 14th August 2018
Length: 48 pages (Kindle)

Down Under: Daddy Changed My Life Forever...

About the Book

Ricky King (aged 22) is only two days into his all-exclusive two week holiday in Kimberley, Western Australia when he gets himself accidently lost and cut off from the safari outback tour within the dangerous and vast backwoods of Kununurra.

Frightened, totally alone and no signal on his mobile, Ricky begins his tough scorching journey through the backwoods hopefully heading in the right direction towards his hotel. Ricky, who’s soon encountered by a huge, mean and hungry saltwater crocodile, is luckily saved by the aid of wealthy gold miner, Vern Kelly (aged 32).

Vern, who was driving pass by pure chance, is a proud and open gay man, who has everything he desires in life, except for one thing: having a submissive boyfriend who indulges in a unique fetish he fully enjoys.

Ricky’s life will shockingly change when Vern excitingly takes him back home to his private villa where he’ll quickly begin turning Ricky into becoming his special Adult Baby Boy along with never letting him ever return back home to England…

8 Chapters • Over 12,800 words.


Amazon USA – 28th October 2018 – 3 Star Review.

Georgina Taylor

Force seduction and manipulation with loving ending. – The boy was manipulated then seduced and finally coerced into marriage. But I like that there was no cruelty, no sadism and the daddy was loving and caring and finally earned the boys love although his independence is taken from him very reluctantly…definitely had consensual sex…this is a slightly dark romance.

Amazon UK – 20th August 2018 – 5 Star Review.

David Lomas

Another great read. – Really enjoyed reading this. Like most of Jodie’s stories this is not for those who enjoy mild age play, it is full on and down to the knuckle.

Amazon UK – 16th August 2018 – 5 Star Review.


A pleasant read. – Another pleasant afternoon spent in the company of Miss Delight’s sexy characters – Thanks Jodie.