49. Meanie Monster

49. Meanie Monster
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Tags: Adult Baby Boys, Babyhood, Change Of Reality, Daddy Dom, Dark, Forced, Gay, Halloween, Infantilism, Love, Lust, Magic, Nappies, Slave, Twinks, Wetting, Workplace
Publication Year: 31st October 2018
Length: 42 pages (Kindle)

Meanie Monster: Watch Out, Daddy's About!

About the Book

All Hallows’ Eve is two days away and Aaron Ames (aged 22) a young man who’s currently leading a stable life by having a good job, living in a lovely flat and also having a stunning girlfriend isn’t spooked and doesn’t believe in dark magic and hocus pocus.

Aaron’s life and reality as he knows it will dramatically change when the mysterious ‘Meanie Monster’, going by the name of ‘Malcolm’ and who’s disguised in the body and form of a middle-aged man, encounters Aaron on his lunch break.

This all-powerful magical figure believes Aaron would be better off having fun in the Nursery rather than working like a responsible adult. There’s nothing Aaron can do to stop the evil magic of the Meanie Monster for he has already planned and set in motion his new life with his newly adopted homosexual family…

6 Chapters • Over 11,100 words.


Amazon UK – 11th September 2018 – 5 Star Review.

David Lomas

Another great story. – Always enjoy these stories and this one is no exception.

Amazon UK – 4th November 2018 – 5 Star Review.


Brilliant. – One of Miss Delight’s best – fun all the way through and even a happy meal to finish!