5. Pillow-Biters

5. Pillow-Biters
Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Adult Schoolboy, Babyhood, Chastity, Daddy Dom, Forced, Gay, Headmaster, Love, Lust, Nappies, School
Publication Year: 3rd October 2017
Length: 29 pages (Kindle)
ASIN: B0765B5C9T

Pillow-Biters: Snuggles With Daddy

About the Book

George Harrison (aged 18) is a schoolboy who’ll soon have the world as his oyster and he’s very keen to further his education at University.

But his Headmaster, the tough, strict and caring, Mr Delany (aged 38) has other plans for the cute looking schoolboy.

George’s life is quickly about to change and there’s nothing he can do to stop it as Mr Delany has perfectly planned it all out for him…

6 Chapters • Over 7,000 words.