55. Pigtails & Ponytails

55. Pigtails & Ponytails
eBook: £3.00
Series: Pigtails & Ponytails
Tags: Babyhood, Brat, Chastity, Chavs, Dildos, FemDom, Forced, Gay, Humiliation, Lust, Mummy, Nanny, Nappies, Nurturing, Orgy, Poly Family, Punishment, Revenge, Sissy Babies, Sissy Girls, Sissy Sisters, Transformation, Twinks, Wetting
Publication Year: 17th May 2019
Length: 77 pages (Kindle)

Pigtails & Ponytails: Mummy Taught Us A Lesson...

About the Book

Connor Barns (aged 21) and his best friend, Julian Lane (aged 20) are the infamous troublemakers within their local community who get away with mischief.

Vanessa Martel (aged 45), a recent widow and a woman of extreme fortitude, has not long moved into the once respected middle-class neighbourhood to start a new chapter in her life.

Late one evening, while drunk and high on drugs, Connor and Julian purposely urinate on Vanessa’s front gate. By pure chance, Vanessa notices this disgusting act of indecency and confronts the two disrespectful young men.

Vanessa immediately drags both lads into her new home where they’ll have the terrifying shock of fate that Vanessa quickly inflicts upon them. Everyone within the community will soon know all about their new transformation by Vanessa who has now become their new full-time Mummy…

9 Chapters • Over 21,700 words.


Amazon USA – 31st May 2019 – 1 Star Review.

Kindle Customer

Info drops are bad. – Not much breaks up a story like info drops, and this one has them. Instead of working character descriptions into the story, they are separately formatted paragraphs. Blech!

Amazon UK – 22nd May 2019 – 5 Star Review.


A pleasant read. – An entertaining and erotic yarn with an unexpected twist at the end! Well done again Miss Delight.