57. Lady Of The Land

57. Lady Of The Land
eBook: £3.00
Series: Lords, Ladies & Peasants
Tags: Adult Baby Girl, Brat, Chav, Dark, Humiliation, Lesbian, Lust, Messing, Mummy, Murder, Nappies, Revenge, Slave, Wetting
Publication Year: 23rd July 2019
Length: 64 pages (Kindle)

Lady Of The Land: It's All To Play For...

About the Book

Lady Bess Irons (aged 55) is currently separated from her husband, Lord Roger, a prominent peer of the realm and the current leading figure of British business.

The sole reason for the Irons’ separation is due to Lord Roger recently having a secret affair with the gorgeous, ambitious and dominant webcam girl, Libby Beach (aged 22).

Lord Roger is infatuated with Libby and wants a divorce, so he can marry Libby, but Lady Bess is being stubborn; she wants her husband back.

Libby visits Lady Bess at the Irons’ private estate in the countryside to get her ladyship to sign the divorce settlement. But Lady Irons has another arrangement; she wants revenge against the gold-digging young harlot which will have damaging consequences.

It’s all to play for as only one of these two women will come out on top as the Lady of the Land…

9 Chapters • Over 18,200 words.


Amazon UK – 31st July 2019 – 5 Star Review.

David Lomas

Best one for me yet. – Love this one, some nice twists and a lesdom story line. Loved it. Would like to read more where the sub is a female.

Amazon UK – 27th July 2019 – 5 Star Review.


A good buy. – Murder, double bluff and sweet revenge topped with a good helping of erotica. Another fine yarn from Miss Delight.