58. Mr Wonderful

58. Mr Wonderful
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Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Babyhood, Daddy Dom, Gay, Husband, Infantilism, Love, Marriage, Mental Health, Nappies, Nurturing, Twink, Wetting
Publication Year: 14th August 2019
Length: 60 pages (Kindle)

Mr Wonderful: Daddy Understood Everything...

About the Book

Donny Murphy (aged 22) is days away from marrying his fiancé; the gorgeous, dominant and shrewd businessman, Des Dawson (aged 35). But Donny is hiding a secret, his only secret, from his hunky husband-to-be; he’s an Adult Baby.

Before Donny can fully commit himself to marry Des, he decides to tell the love of his life all about his playful and lovable infantile fetish and his ambition and desire to wear nappies full-time.

This is music to Des’ ears for he had always had a natural urge to take care and nurture Donny like a baby but just didn’t know how to go about it.

After their honeymoon, Donny’s life is soon changed for Des is determined to become the best lovable Daddy in the world to his new husband and Adult Baby Boy for a very long time to come…

9 Chapters • Over 17,400 words.


Amazon UK – 16th August 2019 – 5 Star Review.


A pleasant read. – A happy tale of a loving couple made for each other, and oh yes plenty of erotica thrown in for good measure! Well done Miss Delight.