62. Get Real

62. Get Real
Tags: Adult Baby Girl, Brat, Chav, Daddy Dom, DDLG, Forced, Girlfriend, Humiliation, Infantilism, Love, Lust, Messing, Nappies, Orgy, Revenge, Slave, Straight, Wetting, Workplace
Publication Year: 5th January 2020
Length: 70 pages (Kindle)

Get Real: I've Never Be Your Baby!

About the Book

Dolly Dalton (aged 24) a gorgeous bitchy young lady unsympathetically dumped and kicked out her boyfriend, the devoted and ambitious Nate Farrier (aged 28), when he wanted her to indulge in his Adult Baby fetish.

Two years later, when Dolly survives her recent disciplinary hearing at work, finds out that Nate has bought the company and is now her new boss. After an unpleasant confrontation between them, Nate fires Dolly.

This starts a chain of events perfectly planned by Nate, so he can have his revenge on Dolly. Nate still loves her deeply and is more determined than ever for Dolly to become what he has always wanted from his sexy ex-girlfriend; for her to become his full-time Adult Baby Girl…

Prologue & 8 Chapters • Over 20,700 words.


Amazon UK – 10th January 2020 – 5 Star Review.


Fun to read. – Nate, never trust her, Dolly will get her revenge! Thank you Miss Delight a delightful story of two devious people with of course plenty of fun in the mix.