64. Queer Street

64. Queer Street
eBook: £3.00
Series: Streets & Lanes
Tags: Adult Baby Boys, Babyhood, Daddy Dom, Gay, Humiliation, Hypnosis, Infantilism, Love, Lust, Mental Regression, Messing, Nappies, Playmates, Special Needs, Twinks, Wetting
Publication Year: 24th February 2020
Length: 86 pages (Kindle)

Queer Street: Welcome To Our Neighbourhood, Baby!

About the Book

Due to poor cladding on his block of flats, Joey Jefferis (aged 21), is moved into temporarily accommodation until all safety issues are resolved, which won’t be any time soon.

Joey is relocated to the home of handsome gay bachelor, Arthur Blaylock (aged 40), in the newly built neighbourhood of Queer Street.

Queer Street is a neighbourhood homed to devoted homosexual couples who live the Adult Baby lifestyle 24/7. Arthur is the only Daddy Dom currently living on Queer Street without his own Adult Baby to love and care for…until now.

Joey soon discovers how a group of young men on Queer Street live like as he is slowly enticed into babyhood by his new neighbours and soon-to-be Daddy…nothing can save him from his new infantile destiny…

11 Chapters & Epilogue • Over 22,400 words.


Amazon UK – 1st March 2020 – 5 Star Review.


A pleasant way to spent an afternoon. – After realising resistance is futile, Joey eventually finds happiness and security in a special community. Another pleasant and erotic yarn from Miss Delight.