66. In Sickness & In Health

About the Book

Malcolm Briscoe (aged 40) is a sexist and unappreciative husband to his meek, frumpy and loyal housewife, Julie Briscoe (aged 31). Julie, who is yet to experience motherhood, still remains hopeful of conceiving a baby with her unpleasant husband.

But both of their lives are about to change. During a heated argument, Malcolm suffers a stroke and becomes physically incapacitated.

Brenda Tully (aged 52), Julie’s no-nonsense mother, arrives at the hospital and takes immediate charge of her daughter’s plight.

Malcolm’s old life, as he once knew it, will never be the same again as Brenda and Julie take control of his new infantile destiny resulting in Malcolm entering permanent babyhood for the rest of his wretched life…

Prologue & 9 Chapters • Over 24,600 words.


Amazon UK – 12th May 2020 – 5 Star Review.


Another excellent yarn from Miss Delight. – What an unpleasant person you were Malcolm. Well done Julie and Brenda!

Amazon USA – 11th May 2020 – 4 Star Review.

Amazonian Loves Babies

Changed husband. – Cruel husband has a stroke, becomes incapacitated and is cared for as an adult baby boy with some interesting turns of events.