68. Helping Hand

68. Helping Hand
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Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Adult Schoolboy, Adult Schoolgirls, Babyhood, Babysitter, Bedwetting, FemDom, Girlfriend, Humiliation, Incontinence, Infantilism, Love, Messing, Mummy, Nappies, Nurturing, Pussy, School, Straight, Twink, Wetting
Publication Year: 14th July 2020
Length: 88 pages (Kindle)
ASIN: B08D115JB6

Helping Hand: I Became His New Mummy...

About the Book

One evening, Jade Delevingne (aged 18), a gorgeous, curvy and nurturing schoolgirl is invited round for extra tutoring and dinner by her childcare teacher and next door neighbour, Stella Sutton (aged 40).

Later, whilst helping Stella with domestic chores, Jade enters Stella’s son’s bedroom, Gavin Sutton (aged 18), and finds him wearing nothing but a nappy.

It’s revealed to Jade that Gavin is a secret bedwetter and that nobody at school knows about his recent incontinence issues.

Jade, who has always fancied and deeply desired Gavin becoming her boyfriend, will now stop at nothing in securing Gavin all for herself by babying the helpless boy next door…

13 Chapters • Over 24,200 words.


Amazon UK – 21st July 2020 – 5 Star Review.


An excellent read. – Another excellent read from Miss Delight – Gavin you are sooooo lucky!