8. Her Gentleman Caller

8. Her Gentleman Caller
Tags: Adult Baby Girl, Babyhood, Daddy Dom, DDLG, Forced, Infantilism, Love, Straight, Taken
Publication Year: 24th October 2017
Length: 25 pages (Kindle)
ASIN: B076SW9N53

Her Gentleman Caller: Her New Daddy

About the Book

Carly Cooper (aged 35) an ex-glamour model who has failed in finding her dream perfect man has desperately turned to online dating in hope of finding him on there.

Soon enough Carly comes into contact with Scott Thorpe (aged 45), and they both hit it off. After getting to know each other well, Carly excitingly agrees to go on a face-to-face date the handsome silver-haired gentleman.

Scott is keen to give all the comfort, love, attention and affection to the petite, curvy and sexy Carly…though he has other intentions for her other than just loving her…he wants her to become his full-time Adult Baby Girl…

3 Chapters & Epilogue • Over 6,400 words.