9. It’s A Condition!

9. It’s A Condition!
Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Auntie, Australia, Babysitter, Bedwetting, Health, Incontinence, Love, Mummy, Nappies, Nurse, Straight
Publication Year: 25th October 2017
Length: 32 pages (Kindle)

It's A Condition!: A Lie Becomes The Truth

About the Book

Adam Wilson (aged 23) has been long attracted to the Adult Baby kink. Desperate to fulfil his infantilism desires, Adam begins to purposely become incontinent so he can wear nappies to personally indulge in his fetish.

Adam lies to his mother and GP not knowing what his ‘Condition’ is. Not long after wearing nappies things soon begin to unravel fast for Adam. Emma Myers (aged 44), Adam’s mother’s best friend, suspects Adam of lying and using nappies for another purpose and very quickly a new relationship blossoms between them both…

7 Chapters & Epilogue • Over 8,000 words.


Amazon UK – 21st September 2018 – 5 Star Review.


A pleasant read. – So Adam, a risky strategy, but you got away with it in the end. A pleasant read from Miss Delight.