Adult Baby Boy eBooks: UDC Vol. 1

About the Book

Adult Baby Boy eBooks: The Ultimate Delight Collection Vol. 1 is a ten all-in-one eBook collection edition of ten individually past published straight Adult Baby Boy eBooks written and published by Jodie.

A Few Good Women

James Turner (aged 20) has a secret: he’s a closet Adult Baby Boy. One day James confesses his deep infantile desires to be treated like an Adult Baby to his beautiful girlfriend Kimberly Evans (aged 19).

Kimberly then informs her Mum & James’ Mum all about her boyfriend’s infantile desires and they quickly act upon it.

There’s nothing James can do to stop these few good women enforcing his young life into complete babyhood for a very long time to come…

It’s A Condition!

Adam Wilson (aged 23) has been long attracted to the Adult Baby kink. Desperate to fulfil his infantilism desires, Adam begins to purposely become incontinent so he can wear nappies to personally indulge in his fetish.

Adam lies to his mother and GP not knowing what his ‘Condition’ is. Not long after wearing nappies things soon begin to unravel fast for Adam. Emma Myers (aged 44), Adam’s mother’s best friend, suspects Adam of lying and using nappies for another purpose and very quickly a new relationship blossoms between them both…

Switching Strengths

Ben Barratt (aged 19), an attractive, arrogant and spoilt young man is caught doing a ‘Despicable Act’ to his disabled and special needs cousin, Josh Barratt (aged 19).

Jodie Barrett (aged 42), Ben’s strict auntie, witnesses the incident and vows revenge on her wayward and ungrateful nephew.

Months later when Jodie and Josh visit Ben and his Mother since the incident, Ben’s health and strengths strangely begins to deteriorate.

There’s nothing Ben can do to stop entering a new full-time infantile lifestyle perfectly planned by his vengeful Auntie Jodie…

Duty Of Care

Henry Oakes (aged 20) is a rebellious, rude and arrogant young man. After recently been expelled from college and now broken the law once again, the Judge sentences Henry into the full care of his parents led by Dr Kirkland who specialises in dealing with young wayward people.

Soon enough with leading guidance and counsel from Dr Kirkland, Henry’s parents soon take full control over their wayward son using extreme measures that is the only way for Henry to regain his innocence and for the Oakes family to become one happy family again…

Back In Her Bosom

Tony Appleton (aged 24) is very lucky to have captured the heart of the gorgeous, bossy and independent business driven bitch, Sarah Stewart (aged 27). But recently Sarah has been losing faith and her love with her boyfriend of one year.

Tony’s life is about to suddenly change when Sarah seeks strict relationship advice from her overbearing and dominant mother, Caroline Stewart (aged 51), so she can save their fractured and fading relationship.

Sarah now begins to form her new relationship between herself and Tony solely as Domme Mummy and Adult Baby Boy…along with Caroline becoming Tony’s new Nanny…

Schoolboy Baby

Tommy Phelps (aged 18) is a schoolboy who has everything going for himself. He’s excelling at his studies, dating the sexiest girl at school, Hannah Davies (aged 18), and is the captain of his five-a-side football team. But his life and the reality as he once knew it is now about to change.

It’s Christmas time. And at this time of year an angel with magical power, answers the prayers of mothers who desire to have their grown-up children depend upon them by indulging in babyhood once again.

Tommy becomes the latest unlucky victim of the magical angel. He can’t escape his fast approaching infantile lifestyle and new reality of becoming his Mummy’s overgrown Adult Baby Boy with everyone bearing witness to his humiliating fate…

Maternal Babysitters

Audrey Selby (aged 44) has not long enforced the Adult Baby lifestyle as punishment upon her wayward son, Alfie Selby (aged 20), due to his constant bad behaviour with the local residents. Alfie’s full existence as an Adult Baby Boy is now wildly public knowledge within the community.

Three stunning schoolgirls, Alexandra Myers (aged 18), Sophie Seymour (aged 18) and Ellie Clark (aged 18), are hired by Audrey to babysit her attractive nappied son while she attends a private lunch with her best friend.

This will become a lustful babysitting job that Alfie and all three schoolgirls will never forget…

On The Rocks

Alice Lyons (aged 47) is a caring, nurturing and very supportive housewife whose sexless marriage to her pensioned off and impotent husband of eighteen years, Basil Lyons (aged 48), is on the rocks.

On late Valentine’s night, Alice catches the end to a TV documentary that highlights taboo sexual fetishes indulged by married couples who claim it has saved their strained marriages and rekindled their lust for each other.

Alice, who’s sadly infertile, relates to the Adult Baby fetish in particular. She strongly believes that indulging in the infantile lifestyle is the only solution in saving her strained marriage to Basil. Her life as Basil’s new “Yummy Mummy” has now begun…

This Time Around

Parker Newman (aged 19) is a slippery small-time drug dealer within his community. Parker’s mother, the loving Shirley Newman (aged 39), sternly warns her son that should she personally catch him dealing drugs, she would punish him in a way she believes is best.

Parker arrogantly ignored his mother’s stern warning and continues dealing drugs behind her back! It wasn’t long before Shirley and her secret lesbian lover, Inspector Polly Powell (aged 40), finally catch Parker red-handed!

Parker quickly realises that, this time around, his mother really meant what she warned him about, and there’s nothing he can do but to accept his punishment like a good Adult Baby Boy…

Mummy Secretary

Jude Lovell (aged 25) an unkind womaniser and playboy, ruthlessly seizes the position of CEO of Lovell Telecoms Ltd upon the death of his dying father. Jude cares nothing for the reputation and staff members of the family business; only money and women.

Lucy Lovell (aged 30), Jude’s sister, who was supposed to have rightfully succeeded their dying father as CEO upon his death, has lost her lawful right in succeeding her father as CEO for Jude quickly seized control of all the company’s finances, assets and lawyers.

With no options left, Lucy, by luck, is secretly contacted by Erica Paige (aged 35), known as the “Mummy Secretary”, who will help overthrow her brother and take her rightful place as CEO of the family business.

Jude’s life will never be the same again for he quickly becomes a permanent Adult Baby Boy…

These ten Adult Baby Boy stories are great to read if one enjoys reading about cute submissive young men forced into nappies and the Adult Baby lifestyle by strong dominating women.

Over 153,800 words.