Gay Adult Baby eBooks: UDC Vol. 1

About the Book

Gay Adult Baby eBooks: The Ultimate Delight Collection Vol. 1 is a ten all-in-one eBook collection edition of ten individually past published Gay Adult Baby eBooks written and published by Jodie.

Manners Cost Nothing

While relaxing at the local park, two best friends, Ryan Woods (aged 21) and Josh Lawyer (aged 22) notice a strange looking man preying at them in the distance.

Ryan and Josh immediately confront this mysterious man, who calls himself “Pennywise”. Pennywise possesses magical powers and he alters both Ryan and Josh’s lives forever with damage consequences after they rudely disrespect him…

The Man With A Plan

Luke Canon (aged 23) has recently been chatting with the mysterious Nigel (aged 47), on a gay dating app. Both men have been getting to know each other extremely well.

They now decide it’s time to finally meet up face-to-face to see if some sort of relationship may blossom between them both.

While Nigel is determined to have Luke in his life, Luke is fully unaware that Nigel is seeking an intimate long term relationship with him for an extreme infantile purpose…


George Harrison (aged 18) is a schoolboy who’ll soon have the world as his oyster and he’s very keen to further his education at University.

But his Headmaster, the tough, strict and caring, Mr Delany (aged 38) has other plans for the cute looking schoolboy.

George’s life is quickly about to change and there’s nothing he can do to stop it as Mr Delany has perfectly planned it all out for him…

A Thief’s Tale

Jack Silver (aged 22) and Gavin McDonald (aged 23) are two petty thieves known infamously by the police for causing trouble in their community.

Their lives are going to change very quickly as the police department secretly enrols in a new and unofficial infantilism programme commissioned by the government to help tackle crimes committed by young people.

Jack and Gavin are soon going to become something more than just being best friends…they’re going to become new full-time Adult Baby Boys.

The Daddy Next Door

Harold Cornett (aged 43) has strong desires to become a Daddy Dom to his very own Adult Baby Boy…if he could find one.

When Harold was about to abandon the infantilism fetish and scene for good chance came when twink, Corey Fowler (aged 22), became Harold’s new next door neighbour.

Upon meeting Corey for the first time, Harold knew that this young man is “The One”. Harold moves quickly to execute his devious plan by turning and keeping Corey as his Adult Baby Boy for a very long time to come…

Troubled Tyke

Dean Cartwright (aged 21) is a troubled lad who’s been sentenced for criminal damage. But instead of serving a lengthy prison sentence, Dean is instead ordered by the judge to serve one year in the new nationalised “Special Community Rehabilitation Program” for troubled young people.

Dean is sent to live with Donald Hurst (aged 38), a masculine, strict and dominating gay man, to help him alter his wayward attitude towards society and in everyday life.

To his shocking horror, Dean learns just what this “Special Community Rehabilitation Program” implies. Donald enforces babyhood upon Dean and plans to keep him as his special Adult Baby Boy beyond his original one year sentence…

Kiss Chase

Toby Morton (aged 25) has recently settled down into his new job as the PA to his new boss, the hunky and dashing Ronnie Ellis (aged 33).

Life seems to be going well for the independent young man until Ronnie accidently discovers Toby’s secret infantile fetish at work.

Ronnie, who has taken a fancy to Toby, becomes very intrigued and obsessed with Toby’s taboo kink. Ronnie believes he can be the best Daddy that Toby craves in his life.

Ronnie decides to take matters into his own hands by coaxing Toby in becoming his new full time Adult Baby Boy. The Kiss Chase between both men has now begun…

Mystery Man

Schoolboys Jesse Walker (aged 18), Henry Lowe (aged 18) and Christopher Edwards (aged 18) are known victims of bullying due to their sexual orientation and wimpy personalities.

Their two bullies; Sam Hall (aged 18) and Leo Bailey (aged 18), catch all three lads in the locker room secretly experimenting with each other, so they decide to take things further.

After the locker room incident, a Mystery Man of great power magically appears before Jesse and offers him the chance for revenge. By chance, Jesse thought about the infantilism kink as the perfect vengeance against his bullies.

The lives and reality of these naughty schoolboys will never be the same again, for what Jesse wished from the Mystery Man is a one-time offer and it cannot be reserved…

Down Under

Ricky King (aged 22) is only two days into his all-exclusive two week holiday in Kimberley, Western Australia when he gets himself accidently lost and cut off from the safari outback tour within the dangerous and vast backwoods of Kununurra.

Frightened, totally alone and no signal on his mobile, Ricky begins his tough scorching journey through the backwoods hopefully heading in the right direction towards his hotel. Ricky, who’s soon encountered by a huge, mean and hungry saltwater crocodile, is luckily saved by the aid of wealthy gold miner, Vern Kelly (aged 32).

Vern, who was driving pass by pure chance, is a proud and open gay man, who has everything he desires in life, except for one thing: having a submissive boyfriend who indulges in a unique fetish he fully enjoys.

Ricky’s life will shockingly change when Vern excitingly takes him back home to his private villa where he’ll quickly begin turning Ricky into becoming his special Adult Baby Boy along with never letting him ever return back home to England…

After Hours

Fred Croft (aged 37), a handsome, wealthy and dominate gay bachelor has been dreaming for many years of owning his very own cute submissive boyfriend to whom he can fully treat as his full-time Adult Baby Boy.

Late one night in town, Dale Digby (aged 19), follows his drunken mates into a known gay bar where Fred is secretly on the prowl for his special boy. Fred instantly takes a fancy to Dale. In response Dale rudely rejects Fred’s advances towards him for he’s not gay.

Fred, knowing it could be years until he finds another cutie like Dale again, goes to the extreme by kidnapping Dale and transporting him to his home in Scotland where Fred can begin enforcing a lustful and loving relationship between the two of them for a long time to come…

These ten Gay Adult Baby stories are great to read if one enjoys reading about cute submissive young men forced into nappies and the babyish lifestyle by strong dominating Daddies and magical power.

Over 106,900 words.


Amazon USA – 26th May 2021 – 2 Star Review.

Georgina Taylor

The typos, misspellings, missing words, wrongly used words, and the lack of grammar editing is a problem. – The amount of editing and corrections needed is obscene and ridiculous.

That alone is bad and then there is some stories that their plot is underdeveloped.

Most of these stories are dark forced infantilism, with the occasional happily converted adult baby boy. Some of these are too dark and smutty for my tastes.

Others, if only the author bothered to do some basic editing and not focus on redundancy then it could have earned a better rating.