Sissy Baby eBooks: UDC Vol. 1

About the Book

Sissy Baby eBooks: The Ultimate Delight Collection Vol. 1 is a ten all-in-one eBook collection edition of ten individually past published Sissy Baby, Sissy Girl & Transgender eBooks written and published by Jodie.

Knocking On The Wrong Door

Siblings Nicole Taylor (aged 22), and Freddie Taylor (aged 20), are two petty thieves currently on the run from the police who seek urgent shelter to hide on this All Hallows’ Eve.

With the police catching up, both siblings run into the woodlands to hide. When the police abandon their search, both siblings walk further into the woodlands where they come across an abandoned haunted looking mansion.

Their young lives are soon changed forever when they enter its doors after hearing a voice calling them to enter from the inside…

Mummy’s Wicked Heart

Shane Goodman (aged 23) has been made homeless for not paying rent to his landlord and running into many thousands of pounds in personal debt.

Shane is out of options and has no choice but to return to his late father’s home under the roof of his strict, wealthy and disciplinarian step-mother, Melissa Goodman (aged 45).

Melissa is newly married to her masculine and intimidating husband, Roy (aged 46). They believe Shane is getting no-where in life on his own. So they decide to take over his life and transform him into their new Sissy Baby Girl…

Brokeback Bully

Kurt Kettle (aged 20) is a college bully through and through; he picks on the weak and helpless for his own amusement and has recently been blackmailing a few closet gay students for his own sexual satisfaction. Norris Jasper (aged 39), the college’s greenkeeper, notices Kurt’s despicable behaviour and decides to give this twink a taste of his own medicine with a kinky twist.

Kurt soon experiences what it’s like to be weak, helpless and dominated by a big, strong and controlling man and quickly becomes Daddy’s Sissy Baby Girl for a very long time to come…

A Debt Owed

Duncan Darwin (aged 38) an infamously feared multimillionaire and Kingpin Boss of the London criminal underworld, secretly suffers from Azoospermia, a rare condition whose semen cannot produce sperm.

Duncan, who has only ever truly loved one woman: the late mother of student Alex Cooper (aged 19), is now determined to turn Alex into the very daughter his mother never had.

Isaac Jefferson (aged 40), Alex’s mean and cold-hearted step-dad currently in prison, and who owes a personal debt to Duncan, gets Alex to comply with the Kingpin’s lustful desires.

Alex, a meek and wimpy lad by nature, is soon forced into becoming Duncan’s virgin transgendered Sissy Bride against his will. This will later have damaging consequences for the Kingpin Boss himself…

Cinderella Boy

Martin Mable (aged 20) has desires and sexual fantasies about being treated and living his life as a Sissy Baby Girl. One night, while he’s home alone, Martin takes the brave decision in getting all dolled up as a Sissy Baby Girl for the first time for his online Dominant Daddy.

Martin, a naïve virgin and who’s eager to make a good impression, submissively does what his Daddy commands without questioning him. It was during his online training session that his strict no-nonsense Mum, Catherine Mable (aged 41) and her best friend, Maggie Willis (aged 42) unexpectedly return home for a nightcap!

It’s shockingly revealed to Catherine and best friend just what her one and only son truly wants to live his life as, along with finding out the truth about his hidden sexual orientation. Martin’s life is now set to change forever and there’s no going back for his new Sissy Baby Girl…

Unmaternal Babysitter

Nathan Danes (aged 18), the loner and geek of his school, is the secret sneaky pervert who’s been stealing the panties of the schoolgirl he fancies, Jessica Bakewell (aged 18).

One night, by pure bad luck, Nathan’s Mum, Mary Danes (aged 41) along with her new best friend Gina Bakewell (aged 42), Jessica’s Mum, catch Nathan doing a very disgusting sexual act with Jessica’s stolen panties in his bedroom.

With this despicable revelation fully exposed, Gina brilliantly manipulates Mary into completely turning her perverted son into her new Sissy Baby Girl as punishment for his immoral sins, and for her daughter Jessica to babysit the newly transformed “Nicole”…

Kiss It Goodbye

Gary Goody (aged 37) is married to his strong decisive and independent wife, Gail Goody (aged 36). Gary knows all too well that his wife rules the roost and wears the trousers in their childless marriage.

Gary is a closet Sissy Baby Girl. Lately, behind his wife’s back, he has been secretly indulging in his Sissy Baby fantasies online.

On one free evening, Gary decides to dress up as a Sissy Baby with his hidden stash of Sissy stuff he has bought without his wife’s acknowledgement. When Gail unexpectedly returns home early, Gary is caught performing a live webcam sex act.

After failed clear the air talks, Gail immediately takes drastic action by turning her shameful husband into the Sissy Baby Girl he craves to be for the whole world to see. Their new lifestyle as Mummy and Sissy Baby Girl has now truly begun…

Doll For A Doll

Perry Pegg (aged 22) successfully steals the expensive rare silicone baby doll, Little Lilly, from right under the nose of wealthy baby doll collector, Helen Hawke (aged 38). Having no family of her own, Ms Hawke treats her precious dolls as her own baby girls.

When Perry speaks to the Chinese investor who hired him to arrange a meeting, his grotty flat gets raided by the determined Inspector Lingard (aged 44). Out of fear, Perry purposely destroys Little Lilly beyond repair believing it’ll save his neck…but it won’t.

Ms Hawke decides the befitting suitable punishment for Perry is not a lengthy prison sentence, but a lengthy new lifestyle under her strict care with a special purpose supported with Inspector Lingard by her side.

Perry is soon coerced into signing the “Community Home Service” plea bargain deal with Ms Hawke. He has no idea he’s been stitched-up until he finds out that his new Mummy and Daddy are ready to turn him into their new Sissy Baby Girl for a long time to come…

Promiscuous Babes

Hayden Hurley (aged 21), volunteers to babysit apparent Special Needs’ girl, Courtney Fairfield (aged 21), after his trio of mates boasted about their recent sexual encounters with her.

During the babysitting, Courtney’s secret is revealed to Hayden. Courtney is not a real girl, she’s really a boy who secretly lives the Sissy Baby lifestyle with her overpowering and loving Mummy, Dawn Fairfield (aged 42).

Hayden, who’s sexually frustrated and still finds Courtney desirable, is easily enticed by Courtney’s promiscuous sexual seduction in her Nursery, which has damaging consequences as Dawn unexpectedly catches them in the act!

Dawn wastes no time punishing Hayden and making him the perfect example for all to see. Hayden can’t escape his infantile and sissified punishment until his Mum returns home from working abroad…and even then, it might be all too late to prevent the college boy’s new lifestyle…

Big Bad Wolf

Gene Everett (aged 22), is an inexperienced closet Sissy Girl who finally takes the leap of faith by seeking an experienced open-minded dominant man on a dating app who is willing to feminise and sissify him to the full in real life play.

During his search, Gene comes across the impressive profile of Mason Wolf (aged 43), an experienced no-nonsense dashing Daddy Dom, who himself seeks a committed and willing young man who desperately wants to become his new full-time Sissy Princess.

After chatting with each other, Gene agrees to meet Mason in public. Mason offers Gene a rare one-and-only chance of him becoming “Daddy’s Sissy Princess”. Gene gladly accepts Mason’s offer.

Gene’s new sissified lifestyle of his ultimate dreams will now begin under the strict dominance and tutelage of his new affectionate Daddy…

These ten Sissy Baby stories are great to read if one enjoys reading about young men forced into the Sissy Girl and Sissy Baby lifestyles by strong dominating men and women.

Over 167,100 words.