I first joined Instagram in Summer 2018.

Back then it never really appealed to me. I didn’t know how to really use Instagram on my mobile.

So I deleted my Instagram account and I stuck with Twatter (Twitter).

It’s the biggest mistake I ever made.

After the trolling drama regarding my ‘Chink Flu‘ tweet in June 2020, that really was the final nail in the coffin for me regarding using Twatter and being myself & socialising with others on there.

I was thinking of leaving Twatter many months prior to ‘Chink Flu‘ anyway.

What is said is said. And what is done is done. It’s all in the past.

But mud always stick.

Mostly it’s the lies made up by my AB Trolls on TwatterFlakeLife (Fetlife), Reddit and DiaperMates.

I’ve learnt many lessons from Twatter and the sites mentioned above.

I’ve made some great online friends on DiaperMates, and I still stay in contact with them to this day. 

But like with most AB Sites now; it’s all Far-Left Wokeism.

The small minority dominates most AB Sites and Free Speech and your right to an opinion, different to their Woke Utopia is strictly forbidden.

Unlike the Old Days of AB Sites; where folks can call a Spade a Spade; and nothing would happen to them.

Free Speech and the Cancel Culture remains strongly within the ‘Community’ on AB Sites & Twatter

So be very careful of the Woke Mob.

When I relaunched myself in late April 2021, I did return to Twatter, and guess what?

It’s still the same toxic cesspool for the AB Community as it was a year before.

I’ve decided to stay with Twatter – purely to promote my eBooks on Social Media.

Twatter is a great tool for me to promote my eBooks and get the message out there.

Other than that, I just can’t be arsed with the drama and back-stabbing within the ‘Community’.

My only regret is that I should’ve left Twatter for good in 2018 and stuck with Instagram to build up my followers.

Instagram. At first, in late 2017, I never thought about using it.

Facebook has never appealed to me. And I wouldn’t go on there even if you paid me.

I know Facebook owns Instagram, but Instagram is more safer to use and most AB folks on Instagram in general are nice people.

Unlike the scum I’ve personally encountered on Twatter.

If anyone is new to the AB Community, I strongly advise you to join Instagram.


  1. No-one can “@” you.
  2. No-one can “Tag” you.
  3. You can easily block the idiots.
  4. Your AB Media is protected.
  5. No-one can create a Parody account & PRETEND to be you!
  6. Instagram takes Mental Health & Safety seriously.
  7. All Trolls are swiftly dealt with by the IG team.
  8. It’s a happier & welcome place than Twatter.
  9. Free Speech from all sides is always welcomed.
  10. I can add more text to my posts unlike on Twatter.

If I would have taken more time with Instagram in 2018, I would’ve stuck with it without a doubt.

And the unnecessary unwanted drama with my trolls on Twatter could have all been avoided.

I’ve restricted my Instagram account for folks aged 18 and over.

I advise other ABs on Instagram to do the same.

My reason for this is because even though I state “18+ Only” in my profile, it also automatically blocks all under 18s contacting me.

And if anyone underage does lie about their age and dares to contact me, I’ll block and report them.

To date that’s never happened. But I’m ready for anything.

So there you have it, folks.

I’m on Instagram. And I’m here to stay. 

Instagram is FREE for everyone to join. 

I also advise anyone joining Instagram for the AB Community, for the first time, to NOT to use your vanilla (real) name.

Use your AB name or another username.

Follow me on Instagram. I will be posting more of my AB Media on there.

And avoid me on Twatter. I’ll only be using Twatter to promote my eBooks.

Stay safe & thank you! xXx