Streets & Lanes – A New Series

Not long after I published Queer Street, I came up with the original idea of creating a new AB Series.

Much like my infamous 2018 Sissy Breeders’ Series, but this time it will be an AB Miscellaneous Series.

Each Delight Series as you know consists of FIVE Original eBooks.

My BRAND NEW & Original up-and-coming series will be no different.

I’m really excited about this. This has been on my mind for the last couple of months.

Now I’m in the position to write the remaining 4 eBooks.

‘Streets & Lanes’ – Hmm…it’s not a bad title.

I might change the title. I’m not sure yet.

Anyhow, here’s a breakdown of my new series.

  1. Queer Street (Gay AB Story)
  2. Pansy Lane (Sissy Baby Story)
  3. Muffin Avenue (AB Boy/Mummy Story)
  4. Crumpet Close (AB Girl/Daddy Story)
  5. Untitled 5th Story (Not decided)

At present I’m entering my “70’s” eBooks.

I plan to complete ‘Streets & Lanes’ before my 80th eBook.

I can’t wait to get back to the grindstone of writing! xXx