Video Gaming & Writing

In late 2019, many months before my infamous ‘Chink Flu‘ tweet, I had entered the world of Red Dead Online.

I had previously played Red Dead Redemption 2 on my PlayStation. It’s a fantastic game and possibly my favourite to date.

Over the years I’ve put my writing of AB eBooks before play time.

But during 2020 with the Online Trolling & Abuse I received from folk within the “Community”, designing & launching the short-lived Ageplay Delight along with dealing with one certain dangerous and psychotic member of the community who went out of his way in trying to destroy me by pretending to be me on Twitter & on other AB Websites, I sunk deep into Video Gaming.

Prior to Red Dead Redemption 2, I use to play GTA 5 (Story Mode), Metal Gear Solid 5 and Batman: Arkham Knight on the PlayStation whenever I was bored or wanted to chill out from writing my eBooks.

2020 was a shit year for me, for obvious reasons. And playing Red Dead Online was a great escape. I know there are other AB’s out there who enjoy playing their Xbox, PlayStation, PC or Nintendo when things get to them, or if they are bored and want some play time when they are in Little Space.

If you haven’t played Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead Online, then I highly recommend it.

I’ve chatted with people on PlayStation, folks who I’ve never met before and some are new friends of mine.

Sure, you get the losers like you do within our great community, and like I do: I simply block them.

As for my writing. You can see a pattern in the timeline of my publishing dates. 

I hardly published any new reading material and when I did, it was weeks, or sometimes, months apart.

The good news is I’m back to the grindstone of writing.

In the last few weeks I’ve battled a cold/flu, but I’m over it now.

I’m very keen and determined to get back into the old routine of writing first and video gaming second.

This was my original routine throughout my peak year of 2018.

Again, I want to personally thank ALL of my worldwide readers.

You’ve been very supportive of me and my eBooks since my inception in late 2017 and most importantly during the evil slog trolling year of 2020.

I’ve got great original stories I still plan to write & publish!

Onward & upward all the way.

Thank you xXx